Check Out Our 2019 Winners

Resident Outstanding Contribution
Bill Atkinson, Ashworth Grange

Bill was chosen due to his outstanding contribution within the care home. From lending a sympathetic ear to his peers to offering a helping hand in the garden this resident is always there for others. This summer, Bill has passionately driven the Gardens in Bloom project which created an exceptional outdoor space for everyone to enjoy

Beyond the Call of Duty
Sarah Tomczynski, Greenacres

Sarah has time and time again stepped up to the plate with grit and determination, and has been a constant and reassuring leader for her team. She has been integral in keeping the home safe and secure for the residents and has shaped the home into what it is today. The staff and residents believe that they are extremely lucky to have her with them, and the judges agreed.

Head Office Hero of the Year
Marc Harrison, LNT Construction

Marc is viewed as an extension of each home and of the Ideal team as a whole. He always goes the extra mile, working quickly to ensure that our homes are always safe and comfortable for the residents. The homes don’t know what they would do without him, and he is affectionately know as 'Mr Fix It' to all!

Newcomer of the Year
Tracy Winn, Handley House

From the first day of induction training, the home could see that there was something special about Tracy. She is calm and caring in her approach and can often be found dancing with the residents, filling their days with fun and laughter. She shows true compassion when connecting with residents and much to their delight, models herself on Marylin Monroe.

Maintenance 'Machine' of the Year
Buster, Brinnington Hall

Buster has been described by his peers and the residents as being the heart of his home. His knowledge and dedication to making the home safe and run smoothly is invaluable. He takes the time to involve the residents every day with his jobs around the home, making them feel a sense of achievement and pride, proving you don’t have to only be a carer to positively impact the residents. He’s truly one in a million and deserves the phrase that the home use of “everyone needs a Buster!”

Masterchef of the Year
Charlotte Wood, Coppice Lodge

Charlotte takes huge satisfaction out of making a difference to our residents’ lives through nutrition and hydration. She ensures residents have homely and healthy meals and works with them to find out about personal preferences and likes and dislikes, creating daily menus to tickle the tastebuds. Plus, her showstopping cakes are absolutely delicious!


Care Team Member of the Year
Sharon Troy, Lydgate Lodge

The winner of this award manages with her head and leads with her heart. She is a model of how leadership and management can be packaged for the betterment of residents and staff in a caring and supportive environment. She continually goes above and beyond and would do anything for her residents, even jumping out of a plane recently to support the Alzheimer’s society!

Activities Co-ordinator/Lifestyle Manager of the Year
Cat Goddard, Midlands and Emily Waugh, Newfield Lodge

The activities that go on within all Ideal homes are to such a high standard that to choose a winner of this award was such a difficult decision for the judges to make. Therefore they bent the rules a little and decided to award not one but two winners. Firstly, Cat always goes the extra mile to promote activities within the homes. She engages with residents, ensuring that activities are person-centred, promoting activities that they could do and never thought possible, or that they thought they would never do again. Emily lives and breathes her care home and would do anything for her residents. She is the life and soul, with her infectious and bubbly personality ringing out all over the home, making residents smile every single day. She is truly dedicated to each and every one of her residents.

Housekeeping Hero of the Year
Carla Tutin, Fairway View

Carla consistently receives outstanding feedback from residents and their families about the sparkle that she brings to the home each day. She goes out of her way to make the environment clean, welcoming and homely and always has a smile and a kind word as she goes about her work. She has worked with Ideal for over 8 years and has made a hugely positive impact for so many of our residents during that time.

Dementia Carer of the Year
Pat Hall, Fairway View

Pat has brought back memories for residents that they once thought were gone, through reminiscence and other resident-led activities. Her enthusiasm and dedication has had a huge impact on residents confidence and independence and she has even created groups for the residents to join to enrich their lives further. Everyone knows when this team member is in the home due to her wonderful singing!

Home of the Year Ebor Court

Extra Award - Through Thick and Thin
Tracy Hiscoe, Ashworth Grange

This is a special award and wasn't in the programme - the judges created this extra special category to recognise and thank Tracy for her commitment, through thick and thin. Tracy has shown such incredible loyalty and love for her care home and the people who live and work there. Through some challenging times, her loyalty and positivity hasn’t once faltered and she has been a key part of the homes success getting it to the point it is at today.

The #thisisme Award Christina Durnan, Brinnington Hall

Christina has taken the #thisisme initiative and passionately implemented it within her home and also throughout other homes within the group. The enthusiasm she has put into this is inspiring and because of this, it’s no coincidence that all staff have taken it into their hearts, positively impacting on every single one of her residents. She is so invested in her home, team and the people that live in her home, that is quite simply wouldn’t be Brinnington Hall without her.

Home Manager of the Year
Samantha Kavanagh, Coppice Lodge

Samantha is warm and caring to everyone who passes through the doors of her home. She is firm but fair and has such respect from her team who follow her lead on person-centred care to enrich the lives of their residents on a daily basis. She is supportive, friendly, a listening ear as well as a guiding voice and no one is ever allowed to leave her office without a big hug!