Check Out Our 2021 Winners

Resident Outstanding Contribution
Frank Cavander, Bowbridge Court

Frank is a huge part of the family at Bowbridge Court, he is always helping in the garden and getting involved in activities or anything else that is going on.
Frank brings joy to everyone, staff and residents alike, all day every day - he has an extremely kind heart and would do his best to help anyone.

Newcomer of the Year
Luan Barlow, Windsor Court

Luan lights up every room with her positive attitude, she is adored by the residents and she shines with constant happiness and compassion.
Luan starting working in social care during the pandemic, nothing has fazed her and she is a hugely valued member of the team.

Care Team Member of the Year
Ruth Davies, Ashworth Grange

Ruth has been at Ashworth Grange pretty much since the beginning, nearly 11 years ago!
She is loyal, committed and she puts her residents first. She is also a great mentor for new starters.
Ruth can often be found with the music on and having a dance around with the residents!

Housekeeping Hero of the Year
Kerry Woodwark, Mountview

Kerry shows hard work and consistency. She is well respected by staff and residents alike and ensures that new members of the team feel like part of the family.
Kerry makes sure that residents are involved in the daily chores if they want to be and she is always willing to help in other parts of the home if needed.

Beyond the Call of Duty
Leah Beattie, Ebor Court

Leah is amazing with the connection she has with her residents and families.
She helped residents and their families through their toughest times during the pandemic, providing a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on whilst also keeping spirits up.

Maintenance 'Machine' of the Year
James Lucas, Ashworth Grange

No job is too big or too small for James. Although he hasn't been at Ashworth Grange for too long, he has shown dedication to his role, a sense of humour and a heart of gold.
James is a real asset to Ashworth Grange and the team and residents wouldn't be without him.


Activities Co-ordinator / Lifestyle Manager of the Year
Susie Carmen, Ebor Court

Susie has brought joy to residents through very difficult times and kept them occupied and busy when they have been unable to see family and friends.
She prides herself in getting to know every single resident, their background and their likes and dislikes and tailoring the home activities plans around this. Susie has fantastic ideas and tries to get everyone involved!

Head Office Hero of the Year
Coleen Haller and Caroline Williams

As with all categories, this one was difficult to pick a winner due to the excellent support provided to the homes so the judges bent the rules slightly and had to go for two winners!
Coleen and Caroline go above and beyond in their roles and their passion for great quality care in the homes always shines through.
The support they show their colleagues is immeasurable and they even downed tools for their usual roles to take up positions within the homes during outbreaks which was hugely appreciated by everyone.

Masterchef of the Year
Linda Smith, De Brook Lodge

Linda has been at De Brook Lodge since the day it opened.
She takes time out of her day to chat to residents and ensure that their meals are tailored to individuals.
She makes amazing cakes and personalises them for every celebration.
Linda is happy, outgoing and bubbly and a huge part of the team at De Brook Lodge.

Support Star of the Year
Alison Fry, Fairway View

Alison is the heart of the home and the welcoming smile for visitors, staff and residents alike.
Nothing is too much trouble - she makes sure potential residents and new starters are put at ease straight away and she is at the forefront of the organisation that helps to keep everything in place and running smoothly at Fairway View.

Relatives' Choice Award
Gary Kent, Lydgate Lodge

Gary reacted professionally to all the changing Covid-19 guidance, leading his team through the pandemic in a compassionate and expert way. Gary goes the extra mile and his cheerful, positive and calm presence rubs off on the team and residents. He is always there with cups of tea and biscuits and his regular costumes, silly hats and dancing kept the residents entertained during lockdown.

Pandemic Hero Award
Kelly Orme, Ash Tree House

Kelly was extremely worried and anxious herself about the pandemic and what to expect but she overcame her fear to each day to continue to come to work to look after her residents.
Kelly went on to be a support to others, picking up many extra shifts and using her experience to help others to overcome their fears.
Her constant singing and dancing lights up the home and keeps everyone smiling!

Home Manager of the Year
Lynn Robinson, Newfield Lodge/Hepworth House

Lynn is an inspirational leader who is loyal, compassionate, caring and oozes empathy.
She is firm but fair and brings energy to her home with new ideas and ways of driving them forward.
Lynn has a great relationship with staff, residents and relatives alike and no matter how busy she is, she always has time for you, providing reassurance, care and comfort where needed.

Home of the Year
Ashworth Grange

Ashworth Grange has a wonderful environment and you feel welcome from the moment you arrive.
The residents are fully involved in the running of the home and any decisions that are made and the team morale has never been higher.
Ashworth Grange are in it together and that ethos comes from the manager and is echoed throughout.